The Darlington Stripes are a high energy party band from Brisbane Australia.

Newly formed in 2016 by seasoned musicians from Melbourne and Brisbane, the members have previously played and recorded with some of Australia’s finest artists.

Though relatively new, it has been a crazy and fruitful 12 months for the band, with their self-titled debut EP being recorded which will be released into Brisbane’s rock charts and then nationally in the next few month’s

Citing legendary rock bands such as Credence Clearwater revival, Thin Lizzy, The Beatles, The Doors, The Rolling Stones  and Bad Finger as influences, they combine their old school rock roots with modern flavours.

The Darlington Stripes focus is now playing their brand of music in Clubs & Pubs and will be touring Australia’s east coast in 2017

The Boys’

Tony: Lead Singer

Dave: Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals

Mike: Bass Guitar and Vocals

Matty: Drums and vocals.