Trevor Judge has seen a stage or two in his career as a professional musician. Originally from Auckland, Trevor has been playing his repertoire of ‘60s to ‘90s Classic Hits to audiences in Hervey Bay since 2005.


Trevor’s first band, in 1965, played at parties, socials, weddings, 21sts etc and over the next six years he was playing bass guitar in a couple of 6-piece cover bands playing at Saturday night dances, an old-time dance band, a jazz band and a fully professional 5-piece Top 40 covers band.

In 1971, he married the band’s (female) rhythm guitarist, Yvonne Gray (from the all-girl pop group ‘The Fair Sect’) and they formed their own 4-piece group, ‘Noazark’, which, over the next 5 years recorded a single, appeared on a couple of TV shows, backed every major NZ act of the day and toured the length and breadth of NZ.

From 1977, Trevor was playing in ‘Rock Candy’, a 6-piece band with a 6-night-a-week residency at a nightclub called Aladdin’s. During the following 5 years they backed local and international floorshows, appeared on many TV shows (including Telethon every year), played at concerts and charities, played on many artist’s singles and albums and recorded two original tracks.

Trevor left ‘Rock Candy’ at the end of 1982 and moved to Sydney, where he played in a variety of club and pub bands before returning to Auckland in 1984 to form a new group, ‘Databand’, with a 5-night-a-week residency at Club 21. 

In 1989, Trevor became a solo guitarist/vocalist and at the beginning of 1993 he moved to Queensland’s Gold Coast, where, for 11 years, had a very successful duo with a female vocalist or two. During his time on the Coast he had a 10-year one-night-a-week residency at Jupiter’s Casino and a 4-year three-gigs-a-week residency in the Parkview Restaurant at the Royal Pines Resort.


In 2005 Trevor moved to Hervey Bay, playing solo in local clubs and pubs, and in 2006 was nominated for ‘Best New Talent’ in the Queensland Entertainer of the Year Awards.

At the end of 2013 Trevor completed production of his first solo CD, ‘ROCK STEADY’, a compilation of his original songs and covers, recorded at his home studio.


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