The Hervey Bay Boat Club's courtesy bus service provides a safe and reliable means of door-to-door transport for members, guests and visitors.

This is part of the clubs overall responsible service of alcohol program coupled with the clubs duty of care to members.

It has been practice in the past for the service to pick up patrons as well, and this will continue, however, only as specified.

Drivers Authority

  • Bus drivers have authority to remove any patron from a bus who fails to follow instruction
  • Bus drivers may use their discretion as may be necessary from time to time

General Rules

  • The use of inappropriate language will not be tolerated
  • Harassment towards other patrons or the drivers will not be tolerated
  • No guarantees can be given as to departure or arrival times
  • Patrons waiting for pick-up are to be kerbside or at a predetermined pick-up point e.g. Nursing Home Reception considered a reasonable time
  • No food or drink is to be consumed on buses
  • No smoking permitted on buses
  • Given the complexity of the bus routes the drivers are to determine the order for pick-ups and drop-offs and as such tolerance by passengers is expected