Johnny Spitz

Sat 15June 04:00PM
Johnny Spitz Square

Meet the electrifying Johnny Spitz, a legendary force in the world of charismatic performers. Hailing from the Sunny Coast, we've succeeded in luring him back for another exhilarating showcase.

With Johnny at the helm, each music set is a masterpiece, skillfully tailored to suit the unique energy of the audience. His performances radiate with boundless energy, igniting a vibrant atmosphere wherever he takes the stage.

A recipient of multiple awards, Johnny Spitz stands as Hervey Bay's most sought-after entertainer, captivating audiences with his unparalleled talent time and time again.

CLICK HERE to watch a short YouTube Clip of Johnny

Live music from 4.00pm. Enjoy some of Hervey Bay and Queensland's best musicians on the Boat Club's deck or the temporary lounge area.

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  • Sat 15June 04:00PM